The best time for baby (and kids) photos

Every now and then, I get this questions from friends with little ones – When is the perfect time to get my baby photos done? and then some would say ..
Maybe I should lose a bit of weight first
Maybe we should wait until the weather is warmer
Maybe when our schedules are less busy

But here is a short answer.. now… perhaps?

The little ones – they don’t stop growing up; while waiting for the weather to get warmer. You will always look most beautiful when you’re in love with your family, deeply connected. Everything fleeting about them today is what you want to remember .. babies are gorgeous at any age. And to be very honest, everything about you right now is exactly what they want to remember and look back as well when they are all grown up. As for life, it is always going be busy no matter what season you are in. But if we take the 5 minutes to lock in a date and a time, we will make it happen.

Because right Now, a beautiful story of love is happening.
Right Now is when you’re breathing them in, comforting them, run along with them.
Right Now is when you want to remember the way they look at you.
And right Now is just where the magic is..

There is no better time.

Nora is the photographer behind Born in November Photography. She specializes in family and baby photography and taking limited bookings for intimate weddings throughout the year. Her style is a combination of lifestyle and photojournalism; with storytelling as the backbone of all her images.

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