Bringing home a baby | Sydney Newborn Photographer

Newborn baby on the bed at home

You see, when you bring a new baby home, another chapter of your family love story is about to begin.

I know you don’t *just* want pretty photographs of your newborn if you could have a pause button to be reminded of how these newborn hazy days feels..

The in-betweens, your children’s personality, your fur-babies; all the precious connection that make you a family. All the little things about who you are, not just what you look like.

When you invite me over to your home, it’s going to be relaxed, intimate and family- focused. It’s a newborn session, but make it family. Of course we will make lots of artful imagery of your newborn’s teeny details.. his tiny toes and the small yawns he makes.. but more than that, it will be a gallery about this season of life; the story of welcoming home your littlest one yet.

These sweet, beautiful, hazy days…

Interested in an in-home newborn family session, let’s get in touch.

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